Fusion Art

Energy ...... Wave motion .... Power ............. Chakra ............ Nature .... Globe ............................. Space

Artist ........ Mikiko Izumisawa

A Path to Buddha

It is said that when Shakamuni, who expounded Buddhism nearly 3,000 years ago, became Buddha, he went through thirty-two transformation phases. According to the Buddhism doctrine, all of us can become like Buddha as Shakamuni did if we could attain higher perception. This three-sided mirror is a passage to Buddhahood. When it°«s closed, you see the face of Buddha. Open one panel. You will see the face of Shakamuni. Then open the other panel. Now three mirrors are reflecting your own face from different angles, including your profile that you don't see so often. Bury yourself in meditation. Try to have a void space in your heart. Feel your own gentleness. And look into the mirrors. There are a lot of hardships in our life. Yet, I believe that we can at least get closer to Buddha when we get over them little by little, one step at a time. After all, Shakamuni was not born as Buddha. He became Buddha with own efforts.

Thirty-two transformation phases:

1. The sole of the foot became flat.
2. Wheel-like patterns appeared on the palms and soles.
3. The fingers and the toes became longer.
4. The feet became wider and rounder.
5. Something like web were made between the fingers.
6. The hands and feet became softer.
7. The insteps became higher.
8. The knees became rounder but thinner beautifully.
9. The arms became longer enough to touch the knees.
10. The genital organs went inside the body where you cannot see.
11. Height became equal to the arm length.
12. Body hair started rippling upward.
13. All pores in the skin had one thread of hair.
14. The color of the body became subtle golden.
15. The whole entity started radiating light.
16. The skin became very soft and it wouldn°«t get filthy.
17. The hands, legs, shoulders and neck became soft plump.
18. The armpits became flat and disappeared.
19. The upper body showed dignity like lions.
20. The torso became bigger but still decent.
21. Both shoulders became plump.
22. Got forty clean white teeth.
23. The size of the teeth was all same and even.
24. Four canine teeth were sharper and whiter.
25. Both cheek became rounded like lions.
26. Got an ability to experience the best taste all the time.
27. The tongue became softer, thinner, wider and bigger enough to cover the face.
28. The voice sounded clear and deep and made people move.
29. The eyes became clear deep blue like petals of blue lotus.
30. Got long beautiful eyelashes.
31. The top of the head was slightly protruded that looked like topknot.
32. Got a long gray hair curling to the right on the middle of the forehead.