Fusion Art

Energy ...... Wave motion .... Power ............. Chakra ............ Nature .... Globe ............................. Space

Artist ........ Mikiko Izumisawa

Gateway to other worlds

In Japan, there are places called Jinja's made to worship the Shinto Gods. An interesting fact is that these Jinja's are always built in a high-energy area. The Japanese people consider these precious places where the gods can make connections between their world and ours.
The gate you see is the Shinto Shrine gate, the spiritual world and the physical world are connected through this path. Once you have pass through the gate, you will be able to enter different worlds. It is said that if humans obtain enlightenment, that person can come closer to other worlds.
Please take a look at the reflection of the mirror hanging form the shrine gate. Now that you have determined the reflection is yours.You may walk through the gate.
This gate also has been embedded with special natural elements that will cleanse your body. Enabling you to travel to other worlds and dimensions.

The Crystal Magnet Power Stone Natural Rock
The design created by Mikiko Izumisawa shows the power of the earth and sea to harmonize with the human chakra climbing the post to meet with lost world civilizations and spiritual worlds of beyond in balance. Now it's time for you to look to the heavens and walk through the gate.

Before going through, please check yourself again;
by pulling the positive and negative ropes, you then open your own gate.
You should notice something when passing through the gate.
Why is it a world of waves and surges prior to the gate?
The Chakras color and wavelength.
The wavelength of the crystal
The Magnetic field and its power.
All this is affecting you and your being.