Fusion Art

Energy ...... Wave motion .... Power ............. Chakra ............ Nature .... Globe ............................. Space

Artist ........ Mikiko Izumisawa

Keeper of Precious Things

On the top of the Box, there are carvings of the 8 main Buddhist Priests who over see the Chinese Astrological Calendar; symbol for long lif.

The Keeper of Precious Things sits 5 items

1. Supreme Buddha of Sino-Japanese esoteric Buddhism.
2. The Aura and Power Stones the shine behind the Buddha.
3. A frame wrapped in fabric worn my Buddhist Priest.
4. Japanese word for Love carved; Prepared with fire to give charcoal finish.
5. Japanese word for Fortune carved; Prepared with fire to give charcoal finish.

Name of Buddha Astrological Symbol Purpose
Sentekannon Rat Saves all things from mercy and pain
Kokuzoubosatsu Ox
Gives power of knowledge i.e. Scholastically, learning power
Monjyubosatsu Rabbit Gives wisdom and Judgment
Fugenbosatsu Dragon
Saves Buddhists
Seishibosatsu Horse Takes physical world to Heaven
Dainichi Nyorai Goat
Center of all that exists
Fudou-myouoh Rooster Pride and Passion for all
Amida Nyorai Dog
Lives in Peace

From now on, your worldly treasures will be protected. Please place your precious items in the drawer on the box. Pictures of family, friends, and loved ones. Gifts received from loved ones. If you can take a minute and think about all your items°ń You should notice the Love that you feel. In return, your items will feel the Love as well.

Size Material
27x19x38 inch Wood, Power Stone, Mirror
Monk's Fabric, E°›Namel Paint
Fiber Glass