Fusion Art

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Artist ........ Mikiko Izumisawa

Self Adjustment Mechanism

Uses your own eye to see yourself from the outside

The mirror replacing the pupil should be just large enough to show the reflection of your face.
You can view someone else with your eyes,
but you cannot view yourself with your own.
In the same way¡Äyou can judge someone's actions
but when judging yourself¡ÄYou only have your perspective from within.
To have true judgment on yourself¡ÄYou must train your eyes to see yourself always from the outside.
How do you usually look?
When having the look that causes discomfort to others¡Ä
You can¡ët see yourself can you?
Aren't you being easy on yourself?
When in such a situation, use the SELF ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM
(Uses your own eyes to see yourself from the outside) to check and double¡¾check your facial tone.
The outcome is beautiful.
Your surrounding people will be pleasant.
If your face is pleasant, your soul will be pleasant.
When making a strict decision, keep your strict face and lets have a glance into the mirror.
By being aware, everything will head in a positive fashion.
Your eyes are always checking from the outside.
This mirror is your eye.
The Power Stone and Chakra will help you.

Size Material?
18x36 inch Wood
Power Stone
E¡ÝNamel Paint