Fusion Art

Energy ...... Wave motion .... Power ............. Chakra ............ Nature .... Globe ............................. Space

Artist ........ Mikiko Izumisawa

Time Navigation Device

By way of the Chinese Astrological Calendar.
This device blends the present and past by transporting the two to accurately to your destiny. Long ago in Japan, In order to determine time and place. The Chinese Astrological system was adapted.1 Day broken into 12 segments. 1 year broken into 12 segments 12 years complete a cycle.
The Time Navigator is marked with each of the 12 symbols of the calendar. When a child is born, it is pure. Achievements are limitless. As we turn into adults, we start to cap off our possibilities. In order to lift the limitations, we must look to our childhood.Taking you to this Lost and Forgotten time is what this device does.

This device uses the strength of the Chakras by way of power stones and 7 arms.
1st, Please imagine the arms as the chakra of yourself.
Then, place your thoughts and dreams within the chakra arms.
Next, traveling with the device rotate slowly and begin your journey through time.
Going back to your childhood, A time when you had dreams, Your work place, A place where you're loved, A place where you can love, A feel good place Lost worlds, When returning back to present time you probably feel as if you were a different person.
Have a great time during your journey with this Time Navigator!!

Color of Chakra Mental Placement Objects to Place
Silver/Purple no boundary Favorite crystal
Navy Blue Intuitiveness, focus, inspiration
reinforces the spirit
knowing what's good/bad
Vision will guide you
Blue Increased self esteem
communication becomes better among friends
creativity emerges
Something you want to discover.
Green This arm balances Love and Emotion
Do you have a love for everything?
Seeing yourself as an object, Do you love yourself?
Results in a healthy mind and body
Foundation is you.
Picture of yourself
Something you love very much
Yellow Courage, Determination, Decisiveness
This arm will bring you in tune with your mind
Something to do with your Job, or current project
Orange Ability to execute desired wishes and goals
what is your ultimate dream?
Takes away your fears and phobias
Your dreams, goals
business thoughts
Red Exposes your roots
makes you feel alive
Ever wonder what purpose you have in this world?
Picture of you now picture of yourself when you were a child