こ の店は他の寿司店にないような品がある、例えば、ロール、ハーモニカはスキャロップ、カニ、スパイシーツナ、マサゴ、アボガドを具にして、海苔を使わず子 ラード(collard)という緑の派手巻く。このコラードは緑色が鮮やかで、口当たりもいい。よくこんな食材を見つけたものだ。ツナサシミ・ステーキは どこにでもありそうな料理だと思うと、仕上げに写真のように派手な炎で炙るから演出効果満点。





242 Cafe Fusion Sushi ,a five-minute walk from Sushi Laguna , features creative sushi. The owner-chef is a Japanese woman, named Miki Izumisawa. Its three employees are all women, too. In Japan, women are not supposed to be sushi chefs, because of a saying in the trade that women's body temperature is higher than men's. But such a groundless saying is forgettable in America.

She was born in Fukushima, Japan and graduated from Tokyo women's college of physical education, After working for 11 years with Sambi in Downey near Los Angeles and half a year with Nobu, she opened this tiny eatery-20seat-in January 2000.

She offers many items which you never see at other restaurant. For example, Roll Harmonica is a roll with scallop, crabmeat, spicy tuna,, smelt roe, and avocado inside, and green collard leaf outside instead of nori. Collard leaf is suitable for a roll with its crisp mouth touch and bright green color. how did she the idea?

Tuna sashimi steak,$14, served with dipping sauce of soy sauce, onion, and garlic sounds not very unique, but it draws the attention of all the people in the house when its surface is broiled with a large flame (photo) inside the counter. 242 Cafe Fusion Sushi doesn't draw a huge crowd due to small size, but customers continually came in all the time on a Friday evening in the middle of September and most seats were still filled at 9:30p.m when we left.